<strong> PNEUMATIC FITTINGS</strong>

Pneumatics, through our pneumatic fittings, employs pressurized air (compressed-air) to transfer forces.

This technology is one of the cheapest, safest and most used in automation implementation systems.

Our range of products includes pneumatic fittings of any kind (standard fittings, push-in fittings, push-on fittings, compression fittings, automatic quick couplings, flow rate fittings, pipe fittings).

Thanks to the complete quality employed during their production, Damecomm pneumatic fittings are the best solution for excellent air moved systems.

In addition, we offer brass or stainless fittings for each series of products, according to your need and use.

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<strong> HYDRAULIC FITTINGS</strong>

Hydraulics, through its steel or avp fittings, deals with those devices whose functioning relies on the transmission of energy through oil pressure.

This technology main advantage is its ability to transmit significant powers and forces in a simple way, given the small weights and dimensions typical of hydraulic fittings.

Our hydraulic fittings selection is made through high technology and high quality working processes and thus they result to be the best solution to obtain efficient hydraulic systems.

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