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Automation is that technology that uses control systems in several kinds of industrial plants to limit human intervention. This way greater productivity, higher quality and cheaper costs are guaranteed. Our automation components ensure your systems best performance through the exploitation of air, oil hydraulic energy . Damecomm automation sector relies on valves and hydraulic or pneumatic components best brands to offer customers reliable and high quality products .

Mini cilindro ISOCilindro idraulico doppio effettoValvola a sfera
Componenti pneumaticiComponenti oleodinamiciValvole industriali

Damecomm has been in pneumatics, hydraulic, and heating and plumbing sectors for years and offers a wide range of industrial automation components to meet each need. Thanks to the great technical knowledge developed over the years, our team is well competent and always ready to help you find the products you are looking for and draft all the proper customs documentation for your international shipping.

Considering our partnerships with several manufacturers in the sector, we can offer a wide range of components for the automation of your pneumatic, hydraulic, heating and plumbing systems.

Select the sector you are interested in and find out all the details about it:


  • Pneumatic actuators

  • Electric actuators

  • Pneumatic cylinders

  • Electric cylinders

  • Manometers

  • Pneumatic motors

  • Pneumatic clamps

  • Filters

  • Pressure and vacuum switches

  • Pressure sensors

  • Pneumatic valves

  • Solenoid valves

  • Air treatment

Cilindro ISO

ISO cylinder


Solenoid valve

Gruppo trattamento aria

Air treatment group


  • Accumulators

  • Hydraulic controls unit

  • Heating and plumbing cylinders

  • Hydraulic distributors

  • Solenoid valves

  • Filters

  • Heating and plumbing motors

  • Intensifier

  • Pumps

  • Pressure switches and sensors

  • Exchanger

  • Power take off

  • Valves

Cilindro idraulico

Hydraulic cylinder

Valvole unidirezionale

Valvola unidirezionale

Pompa idraulica

Hydraulic pump


  • Valves

  • Globe valves

  • Gate valves

  • Restrain valves

  • Throttle valves

  • Non return valves

  • Ansi Valves

  • Globe Valves

  • Check valves

  • Solenoid valves

  • Automatic bleed

  • Tubular joints

  • Filters

Filtro a Y flangiato
Y Filter

Valvola di ritegno a molla flangiata

Valvola di ritegno

Valvola a farfalla

Butterfly valve

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