componenti per automazione

All in one supplier

Our international customer can count on an exclusive service of transport optimization and cost minimization.
We have a complete range of hydraulic and pneumatic components.
From the biggest components like power packs, motors, pumps, cylinders and valves, to the smallest like fittings, all with best sector’s prices.
Since years we export all over the world hydraulic and pneumatic products of any brands.
We are specialized in custom subject matter and we guarantee to our international customer an easy import.
We offer the possibility to optimize the shipping and save money with all in one supplier.
Here it is what our customers think about us:


14 December 2018

I am very satisfied about the purchased products.
Staff is attentive to customer needs.
I will buy again from Damecomm, it is to recommend.

Roberto Vezzoli - NewPacking System (Italy)

10 December 2018

I am 100% satisfied about your products.
I think that the staff is expert and available.
I surely recommend your service.
It’s certain I will buy again from you as soon as I will need your products

Monia Trevisan - Tekno SiaG (Italy)

4 December 2018

I am very satisfied about your products, especially about pneumatic fittings quality. Quality/price ratio is excellent.
Staff is kind even if sometimes I have to wait some days to have an answer.
Ship lead times are quite long.
I am buying and I will buy forever from you, I have no intension to change supplier.
Generally I am satisfied because Damecomm is an important supplier for us.

Mourad Farouk - Soti Plus (Tunisia)

22 November 2018

Availability and kindness from the staff, rapidity in the delivery and in finding the right spare parts with excellent prices.

Simone Passini - Autogru Valdelsa (Italy)